Consultation: 30 mins (only for new clients): Non- refundable Redeemable towards first treatment. €60
Anti-wrinkle Treatments
Forehead (horizontal) Lines:€200
Frown (vertical) Lines: €200
Crows Feet (eye smile lines)€200
2 upper face areas:€300
3 upper face areas€350
Bunny scrunch lines (nose)€80
Gummy Smile€80
Pebbled Chin€80
Downturned mouth Corners: €80
Neck lift€400
Jaw slimming / bruxism€350
Hyperhydrosis (underarm sweating): Free Follow-up appointment at 2 weeks, as well as any free top ups on the day if needed.€450 for both underarms
Dermal Fillers
​Lips€200 (0.5ml) , €350 (1ml)
Peri-oral lines€350
Marionette Lines
(lip to chin Lines)€350 - 450
Nasolabial Lines
(Nose to lip Line)€350 - 450
Chin Augmentation€350 - 450
Tear Troughs (under eye rejuvenation)€450
Liquid Rhinoplasty
(non-surgical nose job)€450
Cheek Augmentation€450
Jawline Definition€500
Gummy smile package€400 (lip fillers and anti-gummy smile injection)
Anti-wrinkle injections for 3 areas of the upper face
plus 1ml Filler
(lips, NL, Marionettes)€650
Plus 2ml€750
Midface rejuvenation package:
Cheeks plus Tear Troughs€800
Perioral Lines Package 
(Lines above the lips)
Fillers Plus Botox€400
Sad Mouth Package:
(downturned corners of the Mouth)
Fillers Plus Botox€400
Lip Dissolution€80
Fillers are priced according to the volume of filler used. Volume of filler needed will be discussed at the Consultation.