Improve your skin’s health with non-surgical anti-ageing procedures that can knock years off

MK Aesthetics is a doctor-led beauty clinic based in Wexford, where Dr Mehvish Khan has a special interest in non-invasive anti-ageing treatment. Aesthetic Practitioner, Dr Khan, along with Facialists Ziggy and Tina, offer unique, in depth skin consultations and a treatment plan according to your skin type and personal needs.

One of the clinic’s many specialties is their collagen stimulating treatments such as Profhilo, Micro-needling and Radiofrequency micro-needling. Here’s all you need to know about these amazing anti-ageing treatments.


Profhilo is a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid product that remodels the skin by stimulating the production of elastin and four types of collagen and is currently the only product on the market to do so.

Profhilo injections work to improve skin tone, texture, hydration and radiance. It provides a lifting and tightening effect to the skin and is ideal for clients aged between 30 to 50 years of age.

Profhilo is injected into five areas on each side of the face and a minimum of two sessions – four weeks apart – is recommended to notice results.

This will be followed by maintenance treatments every four to six months. Profhilo is a breakthrough treatment that has been awarded the best injectable product in Europe in the Aesthetic Industry Awards and is used by aestheticians worldwide.


Micro-needling is a cosmetic procedure that involves pricking the skin with tiny sterilized needles. Micro-needling works by comfortably creating thousands of controlled micro-injuries in the skin to trigger the body’s natural wound healing process. This process results in the formation and re-modelling of collagen, which supports the underlying tissue.

It is a natural, organic treatment, which is non-invasive and requires zero downtime. The results leave your skin looking smoother, youthful, and tighter by softening the fine lines and wrinkles.

Results continue to work up to four-six months, producing 400% more Collagen in a single treatment. A course of six treatments is recommended for optimal results.

Radiofrequency micro-needling

If the micro-needling procedure also involves radiofrequency waves, it’s called radiofrequency micro-needling. The needle releases radiofrequency into the channels, causing additional damage. This enhances the effects of standard micro-needling. In the process of recovery, the skin becomes thicker and smoother. Radiofrequency micro-needling can help with common skin issues such as; fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, appearance of large pores, acne scars and scars from injury or surgery, hyperpigmentation, loose, sagging skin, cellulite and hyperhidrosis.

You can also get radiofrequency micro-needling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is a procedure where your provider draws blood from your arm and uses a machine to separate the platelets.

After a micro-needling session, your provider injects or applies the platelets to the treated area which may maximize the results of your treatment.

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