Why Is The Consultation So Important?

The Consultation is probably the most important part of a patient’s journey and should never be under-estimated. It is compulsory for both new patients and existing patients who are seeking new treatments. At the consultation, each case is assessed individually and carefully based on patient aesthetics, their concerns, their desires and suitability to treatment.

The consultation will ensure that the client is confident with the treatment procedure and expectations and it increases the chances of patient satisfaction.

What Happens At The Consultation?

Dr Khan will begin the consultation by getting to know your reasons for attending and understanding your aesthetic concerns and what you would like to achieve.

She will conduct a comprehensive medical history, analyse the treatment area, recommend treatment options, provide skincare advice and discuss risks and complications.

You will be taken through all the options, recommended the most suitable treatment – or treatment combination – and you will be well informed regarding the procedure, risks, Pre-care, Aftercare and Costs.

There may be many questions that you will want to be answered and you will have the chance to do so. It is crucial that you address any uncertainties or anxieties, as the consultation process underpins everything that follows.

Photographs may be taken and stored in your records and a treatment plan will be constructed which you will also have a copy of to take home.

You will also be sent home with further information of the proposed treatment and consent forms to read over and sign before you attend your treatment appointment at a later date.

A cooling off period is recommended as it is not advised to rush into any procedure without proper thought and planning to ensure that you are in the right frame of mind and prepared when you come into clinic for your treatment.

How Long Does A Consultation Take?

A consultation can take up to 45 mins for a New client.

What Is The Price For A Consultation?

The Price of the Consultation is 60 Euros and can be redeemed against the Treatment Price.

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