NEOSTRATA® a ProSystem is a highly effective, superficial peeling system administered only by medical skincare professionals.

These superficial peels are considered "lunchtime peels" because there is little to no downtime following their use.

You can continue with your day with minimal modifications, being careful regarding sun exposure.

This range of chemical peels are performed to address skincare concerns such as, fine lines and wrinkles, skin pigmention, texture irregularities / scarring, acne, and many signs of photoageing.

The result is: smooth, healthier and younger looking skin with enhanced brightness and clarity.

The ProSystem peels:

Rejuvenating Glycolic Acid Peels: 20%, 35%, 50% and 70%,
Clarifying Peel of 30% Mandelic and Citric Acid
Brightening Peel of 30% Citric Acid.

Note: visible exfoliation/flaking may not occur. Your skin may feel rough for a couple of days while the skin exfoliates the rough surface layers.