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    Consultation: 30 mins (only for new clients): Non- refundable Redeemable towards first treatment. €60
    Anti-wrinkle Injections
    Upper face 1 area€200
    Upper face 2 areas€300
    Upper face 3 areas€350

    Other Toxin Treatments

    Gummy Smile / Bunny scrunch lines / Sad Mouth / Chin Dimpling€80
    Lip FlipFrom €40
    Bruxism (Jaw Clenching) / Masseter Hypertrophy (wide jaw)€300
    Nefertiti Necklift€300

    Dermal Fillers

    Lip Fillers 0.5ml€200
    Lip Fillers 1ml€350
    Marionette Lines (mouth to chin lines)from €350
    Nasolabial fold Lines (Nose to Mouth lines)from €350
    Peri-oral lines fillerfrom €350
    Cheek Augmentation€450
    Tear trough Filler€450
    Jawline Augmentation€600
    Chin Augmentation€450
    Filler dissolution€70

    Skin Hydration & Remodelling

    Profhilo€300 per session (2-3 recommended)
    Viscoderm Hydrobooster€300 per session (1-2 recommended)

    Sunekos Skin Remodelling

    Lower face treatment (3 treatments, 1 month supply of Nutrakos Supplements PLUS a Face Peel)€900 + 1 month supply of Nutrakos supplements
    Eye Treatment: 3 Treatments PLUS 1 month Supply of Nutrakos Supplements€750 + 1 month supply of Nutrakos supplements

    SkinPen Microneedling

    €200 per session (Buy 5, Get 1 free)

    Medical Peels

    Neostrata Professional Peels€90
    Neostrata Professional Peels course of 6€500
    TCA Medium Peel€120
    TCA Medium Peel course of 6€600
    Retinol Peels€90
    Retinol Peels course of 6€500


    Dermaplane Facial€80
    Extraction Facial€120

    Fat Dissolving Injections

    Submental fat (Double Chin)€300 per session (2-3 required)